Mission Driven

Welcome to Mission Driven, the blog from Peña Search, where we highlight titans in our community, trends in our industry, and news in our company.

Building Communications

Dallas Nonprofit Fast Facts

For over ten years, Peña Search has worked in North Texas, becoming incredibly familiar with the area’s unique nonprofit landscape. The community has seen a great deal of change over that time, bu...

Helping Clients With Obstacles

How We Started– and How Peña Search is Different

We’re not like other firms. When Peña Search was founded in 2009, Carlos and Holly Peña brought together their decades of professional experience in both the for- and non-profit sectors. Their...

Communities Building Lasting Relationships Mobile

Welcome to Mission Driven

Welcome to Mission Driven, the new blog from the Peña Search team. Our mission here at Peña Search is to “empower causes through the power of people.” We take pride in helping our clients—...