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Proven process with
personal attention.

The goal is simple: support your mission by finding the right long-term leadership. Executing that goal, however, can seem daunting.

That’s where Peña Search comes in.

We follow a proven protocol to give you the highest level of professionalism and service while remaining flexible enough to meet your specific needs. These steps make sure that we find the right match in experience, talent and personality.

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Detailed search profile

Peña Search meets with key stakeholders to fully understand the specific skills and experience required to accomplish the goals of your organization. We also determine the unique personality traits essential for the selected candidate to succeed.

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List of prospective candidates

Employing direct and novel research, we identify potential best-fit candidates. We recruit and source individuals who are ideal for the position, given their current and past experiences, regardless of whether they are actively looking for a change in employment.

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Candidate presentation

Once we have generated a significant pool of prospects, we screen and conduct in-depth interviews, either in-person or by videoconference, to confirm each candidate’s qualifications. The vetted list of candidates comprises our recommendation of those you should interview.

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Reference checking & compensation negotiation

We conduct an in-depth, 360-degree candidate check, speaking with supervisors, peers and employees. If requested, we also work with third-party vendors to carry out psychological, intellectual or skills-based assessments. And we serve as an objective intermediary to facilitate the process of negotiating compensation.

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Ongoing checkup

During the first year of employment, we stay in touch with both you and the candidate to ensure a successful transition into the new position.

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