Our Mission

Empowering causes through
the power of people.

“Empowering causes through the power of people” is not just a slogan we put on our website. It is a promise we strive to deliver every day. When you partner with us, your search becomes our search. We take ownership of it and do not rest until you have the right person in place to help your organization flourish.

What drives you, drives us.

Peña Search focuses on the placement of leaders in mission-driven organizations. We are passionate about contributing to your work, and we want to help you thrive.

We understand how important culture, inclusion, environment and goals are to your success. So we apply a hands-on approach to obtain in-depth knowledge of your organization and every candidate we consider for your position.

We know nonprofits.

Our expertise in nonprofits is not just from conducting searches. We have spent years working, volunteering and serving in leadership positions for a variety of nonprofits.

We understand the challenges you face and the opportunities you can seize. We know the issues you face and the dreams you aspire to. We have been in your shoes many times. And we will walk with you, every step, to get you where you want to be.

The power of diversity.
A culture of caring.

As a wholly woman-and minority-owned business, we know firsthand the strength that diversity, equity and inclusion bring to an organization. And because we grew up in families that were civically active, we also recognize the crucial role that nonprofits play in improving our communities and how important it is that they reflect the constituencies they serve.


of our placements
are women


of our placements
are people of color