July 14, 2020

How We Started– and How Peña Search is Different

We’re not like other firms.

When Peña Search was founded in 2009, Carlos and Holly Peña brought together their decades of professional experience in both the for- and non-profit sectors. Their depth of knowledge helped them to truly appreciate both the mission-committed forces driving non-profits as well as the more cut-and-dry standards upheld by the corporate world. Over ten years later, their expertise is still employed every day when conducting executive searches.

As the firm grew to include more employees and more clients, the central tenets of hard work, personal attention, dedication and selectivity continued to be instilled at Peña Search. Unlike other firms that simply fill positions, the Peña Search team fully understands the organizations for which they work and is dogged in their searches for the best people.

How else is Peña Search different?

  • Access to talent: The Peña Search team’s complementary experiences as industry leaders and search consultants offer the ability to engage with top-level talent and connect with clients. They know the best people because they work among the best people.
  • Search load: Peña Search intentionally limits each of their consultants to four projects at a time to ensure the most personal attention and highest quality of work. It’s what their clients deserve.
  • Cultural match: The firm takes the time to learn about more than just specific job requirements for a particular position. Peña Search’s top priority is to fundamentally understand their client’s organizations and cultures so to recommend the best possible matches. They are committed to getting to know the people for which they work—because their clients are more than just clients.
  • Guaranty: Peña Search guarantees their placements for up to one year after the start of employment. That’s how confident they are that they will find someone great.
  • No recruiting: Respect is at the forefront of all that Peña Search does. Even in today’s competitive job market, the firm commits to not recruit from its clients for at least one year after their work together. They also will never recruit the individuals they placed without explicit permission.

Clients have seen the Peña Search difference for over ten years. Are you ready to experience it yourself?