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Adding Our Resources to Yours

Traits to Look For in Your Next Fundraiser

Fundraising has changed fundamentally. Here are traits to look for in your next fundraiser.  We talk a lot about how the role of the fundraiser within the nonprofit sector has changed dra...

The role of fundraiser: two women talking while looking at a tablet

The Role of Fundraisers is Changing

Private support has always been fundamental to nonprofits. The role of fundraisers within organizations reflects a changing nonprofit landscape. With over 1.5 million organizations nationwide,...

Helping Clients With Obstacles

Four Things to Do Before Looking for a New Job

Is it time for a serious change? Do these four things before looking for a new job.  We’ve all been there: we know it’s time for a change, but we don’t know where to start. This can...


Welcome Dianne Puls

Peña Search is thrilled to welcome Dianne Puls to the company. Dianne joins the team as a search director. A graduate of Cornell University, Dianne’s early career was spent as a human resou...

A home office that has been spring cleaned. Inspiration to spring clean your professional life.

How to Spring Clean Your Professional Life

You spring clean your closet every year—but have you ever “spring cleaned” your professional life? As March turns into April, here are our tips to freshen up your work-life (and headspace) ...

a woman sitting at her desk talking on the phone to network virtually

Five Ways to Network Virtually

Has quarantine got you stuck in a networking rut? Are you looking to build your contacts or clients, but unsure of where to start? Here are five ways to network virtually—keeping you connected, eve...