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Experienced Nonprofit Recruiting

Trends in the Executive Search Industry

We talk a lot about nonprofits on our blog—what can we say, we are experts in the field! However, nonprofit infrastructure and trends are not the only subject on which we are knowledgeable. Tod...

Bringing Real Talent and Leadership

End-of-Year Giving: What You Need to Know

The end of a banner year calls for banner end-of-year giving. To achieve year-end goals, in 2021 maybe more than ever, intentional efforts need to be taken by both organizations and donors. Here ...

A woman wearing a mask works alone on a laptop with a bottle of hand sanitizer visible in the background

COVID-19 and the Nonprofit Industry

Few organizations or individuals could prepare for the massive repercussions of COVID-19. Six months after the onset of the virus, COVID-19 and the nonprofit industry continue to engage in a struggle...


What’s Wrong with Your Resume?

Have you ever sent an application for a job you’re qualified for, only to never hear back from the hiring manager? It could be that something is wrong with your resume. Especially as business gh...

Service Based Experience

Nonprofit Leadership Trends–Then & Now

Ten years ago, nonprofit leadership was trending towards a reckoning. On March 19, 2009, Janet L. Johnson, associate director for Nonprofit Studies at Georgia State University, published  ...

Building Communications

Dallas Nonprofit Fast Facts

For over ten years, Peña Search has worked in North Texas, becoming incredibly familiar with the area’s unique nonprofit landscape. The community has seen a great deal of change over that time, bu...