Lynn Ray Sherman

Consultant, Board Advisory

Lynn Sherman has had a successful career as an attorney, consultant, and executive for more than 25 years, but throughout, his passion has been leading the development and transformation of non-profit institutions and stewarding important community initiatives. In his different leadership positions, Lynn has initiated groundbreaking non-profit mergers and collaborations, shepherded non-profit entities through times of expansion and austerity, and hired non-profit executives.

Recently, Lynn chaired the Workforce Potential Project (WPP) in Austin. This targeted effort, championed by Austin Community College, helps individuals who previously enrolled in, but never completed, post-secondary education, to obtain a credential or degree needed for in-demand occupations that pay a wage of at least $18 an hour. Lynn graduated from Vanderbilt University in 1985 and received his law degree from Baylor University in 1990.