March 23, 2021

How to Spring Clean Your Professional Life

You spring clean your closet every year—but have you ever “spring cleaned” your professional life?

As March turns into April, here are our tips to freshen up your work-life (and headspace) in honor of the new season.

Refresh Your Workspace

Last year, many of us learned the importance of having a dedicated work area—if not an office or coworking space, then at least a dedicated corner of the dining room table. But when was the last time you optimized that space?

Studies show that humans are happier and more productive when working in scenic environments. Consider moving your computer to a window so that you can enjoy the bright spring sunshine or opening up the door to let in some fresh air. If you are loyal to your current spot, adding a cute desk plant, new pencil cup or sleek leather desk blotter can make a huge difference in productivity—and happiness.

A man looking over a resume to ensure it is up to date.

Clean Up Your Resume

When was the last time you took a look at your resume? Last year? A little longer than that? With a “jobs boom” potentially on the horizon, having an up-to-date resume on hand will be key in securing your next big career step.

Mission Driven has all the tips and tricks you need to make resumes stand out in a crowd, straight from the professionals who review them. Learn more here.

Close up of female legs with running shoes on wooden footpath in woods. Enjoying extra daylight by adding a short walk.

Revitalize Your Routine

After a long, dark winter (and a full calendar year of staying home), your daily routine could be feeling a little bit drab. As the weather improves and the days get longer, mixing up your routine can feel like a natural—and fun—way to make work more interesting.

Take advantage of the extra daylight by adding a short walk to decompress after a full day at your computer. Wake up with the sun to get a couple extra hours per day: more time to read a book, journal or enjoy a cup of coffee outside. Experiment with new recipes using fresh spring produce (no more sad desk lunch!). Making certain aspects of life a bit more exciting tends to brighten up even the less-fun parts of the day.

Two people networking in order to feel more connected in their industry

Grow Your Connections

If you are looking to make a career change, now’s the time to consider your own network. Do you feel well connected in your industry? When was the last time you reached out to key members of your circle?

Networking in a pandemic can feel daunting, but there are many ways to increase your profile without sacrificing health. Check out Mission Driven’s guide to networking or download the Peña Search Network Organizer to take your practice to the next level.

Smiling african-american business woman springing into action by talking on phone and taking notes, sitting at her working place in office.

Spring into Action

There’s no time like the present to achieve what you want to achieve. Take this as your sign to get motivated, get organized and get your to-do list done. There’s no reason that this season can’t be your best one yet.

How are you planning to spring clean your professional life? Let us know on Facebook or LinkedIn.