Peña Search Consulting specializes in placement of individuals for leadership positions in nonprofit organizations and small to midsize for-profit companies. We employ a highly individualized approach that looks deeper than the objective requirements of a position and qualifications of a candidate to the subtler, yet no less crucial, question of cultural fit.

Why cultural fit is so important.

The nuances of culture, values, and personality have far greater import for the mission-driven organization or small to midsize business than for a large profit-driven company. For these smaller and mission-driven organizations, making the wrong hire for an executive position is more than just a costly drain on critical resources. It can also damage the standing of the organization, endanger future revenues, injure a hard-earned reputation, and harm internal morale. The right cultural fit leads to a productive long-term relationship that elevates the enterprise and enhances the organization’s relationship with internal and external constituencies alike.

We know what it’s like on both sides of the desk.

Our principals bring to the placement process insights gained working in government, nonprofit, and for-profit enterprises. Our approach is decidedly hands-on. Successfully matching candidate and position requires spending a significant amount of time on site gaining in-depth understanding of the client organization’s culture, environment, and goals as well as spending time becoming personally acquainted with every individual in our pool of candidates.

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